by Dennis Marquardt

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Escape From God's Wrath! (8 of 9)
Series: Great Escapes
Dennis Marquardt
Rev. 4:1-11; Rom. 2:5-6; 5:9; Eph. 2:1-10; 1 Thess. 1:10; 5:9

INTRO:One of the subjects not preached on much any more is God's Wrath, or the eternal reality of Hell. The reality of Hell is scoffed at today and many unbelievers mock Christ¬ians for talking about God's wrath and Hell. We are accused of being negative and preying on fear in the hopes of making followers. However, Christians do believe the Scriptures about Hell! Yet, most of our preaching and teaching centers not on the horribleness of Hell but on how to escape it! Therefore we are positive oriented. God's wrath exists only on those who refuse the grace of God and ignore the generous way out that Jesus Christ made for us ... it is not fear we appeal to but God's love for us that is the appeal! Yet the world mocks the wrath of God and God's avenue of escape!

ILLUS: A little Scottish boy wouldn't eat his prunes, so his mother sent him off to bed saying, "God is angry with you, watch out for His wrath!" Soon after the boy went to his room a violent storm broke out. Amidst flashes of lightning and peals of thunder the mother looked into the boy's room, worried that he would be terrified. When she opened the door she found him looking out the window muttering out loud, "My Lord, such a fuss to make over a few prunes!" - Source Unknown

There is no reason to be confused about God's wrath ... while it exists there is an avenue of escape that is readily available! Our focus is the absolute joy and the wonderful freedom that is open for all to escape God's wrath ... it doesn't need to be a problem for you, God has made an escape route for everyone that wants it!

PROP. SENT: The Bible clearly teaches that there is a wonderful gift that God has made available for us to escape the wrath of God, it is God's desire for all to escape this wrath and He Himself has made that escape possible, it is faith in His s ...

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