by Dennis Marquardt

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Escape From Egypt! (5 of 9)
Series: Great Escapes
Dennis Marquardt
Ex. 3:7-10; 12:31-51

INTRO: The greatest tyranny on our planet is not communism, fascism, or any other type of political system. It never has been! It isn't dictatorships, as horrible as many of them are! The greatest enslavement of humans has not been in the political arena as much as it has been in the heart! The greatest slavery man has known since the dawn of time is SIN! This problem of slavery is still with us today. It is so powerful that our entire human race is held without hopes of freedom, is there an escape from SIN? - YES!

Israel in Egypt symbolized man's enslavement by sin. God had to make a way of escape because Israel could not free herself! Pharaoh symbolized Satan; his godlike power was so great that no one, not even another nation could conquer Egypt! After nearly 400 years of slavery Israel had just about given up hope of ever tasting freedom again ... UNTIL God came to her rescue and provided a way of escape!

PROP. SENT: As powerful as sin is over the human race, God has provided a means of escape by His Son Jesus Christ! This escape route is available to all who wish to escape from "EGYPT!"


A. Slavery! Ex. 3:7-10
1. There is nothing humorous about sin though TV likes to joke about it and those who preach against it!
a. The truth about sin is that it brings misery to both those who practice it and those who are affected by it!
b. Sin is the breaking of God's laws, laws designed to do good for all!
2. Some people pat themselves on the back because they believe they are pretty good and don't sin much, they don't see themselves as being enslaved although they would admit to breaking a few commands once in a while.
3. Some of the Israelites were a little better off than perhaps others -- yet none of them were completely free. They belonged to EGYPT, and Pharaoh held absolute power over their lives!
a. The ...

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