by Dennis Marquardt

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Escape From Fear! (2 of 9)
Series: Great Escapes
Dennis Marquardt
1 Sam. 21:10-22:2

INTRO: Fear is a powerful force ... it can really affect your thought processes and behavior.

Once when my folks were gone after our church's Sunday p.m. service my sister Linda and I were home alone as young kids when we heard a loud crash like someone trying to rip the door off at the entrance to our kitchen from the outside. Gripped with fear I looked out the window and saw a shadow move across the door outside and then again a loud bang. With great fear my sister fled and hid in the corner behind the chair quivering like a little puppy ... she couldn't even speak, only whimper! I in turn fled behind the TV shaking like a leaf. When no one entered the house I started to get brave and went to the window to look out when it happened again, a loud crash and a shadow outside, the earlier scene of whimpering and hiding repeated itself, for a while we were literally frozen with fear ... finally I made my way to the phone and called a neighbor who was the sheriff of our city, his wife came over and stayed until my mom and dad returned. The outside door was nearly ripped off its hinges, but the reason and explanation was actually rather simple, gusts of wind had grabbed the outside door which hadn't closed well when my folks left; the shadow was the wind blowing the bushes near the door. Fear left when we realized what had happened but until then we were strange creatures doing silly stuff! Fear can do many strange and sad things to us. God gives us ways to escape the path of fear!

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that fear can severely affect our behavior and our faith in negative ways, but God has provided an escape from fears that can damage us. The first way out is the knowledge that God is in control of all things, the second is the knowledge that He will grant to us others of like faith to stick with us ... these offer an escape from fear!


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