by Dennis Marquardt

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Gideon - The Right Stuff!? (4 of 5)
Series: Here Comes The Judges!
Dennis Marquardt
Judges 6-7

INTRO: Have you ever noticed how often God seems to have picked poor choices initially to get a job done?

1. A stammering Moses at age 80 - after being a complete failure at 40!
2. A slave boy named Joseph who liked to daydream a lot!
3. A 16-17 year old shepherd boy named David to go against a mature war trained giant named Goliath!
4. A 90+ year old man named Daniel who was thrown into a lion's den!
5. A fisherman named Peter ... very impetuous!
6. A murderer named Saul of Tarsus!
7. A stubborn and prejudiced man named Jonah who told a whale of a story!
8. A strange preacher like Jeremiah who told sermons by smashing pots and wearing an ox yoke around his neck for a period of time ... and then hiding.
9. An odd prophet like Ezekiel who preached lying on his side for 390 days; shaving his head, and other strange approaches to ministry.
10. A wilderness man named John the Baptist who went around in a coat of camel's hair and routinely ate a diet of locusts and wild honey!

It is not always "capability" God looks for as much as it is availability and pliability! God can always teach capability ... but availability and flexibility we must offer Him!

ILLUS: There are great abilities that people acquire, cultivate and demonstrate. In the service of God there is one ability that is the greatest ability of all. What is it? Is it sociability, compatibility, accountability, adaptability, or reliability? The greatest ability is availability. If we are not available to God, no matter what other kind of ability we have, it is no good. Ability without availability is a liability. What does availability mean? It means to place one's self totally, absolutely, completely at God's disposal for Him to do anything and everything He wants to do in us, through us, with us, for us, when He chooses. Anything less than that is putting restrictions on God and w ...

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