by Dennis Marquardt

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To 'Bee,' Or Not To 'Bee,' That Is The Question! (2 of 5)
Series: Here Comes The Judges!
Dennis Marquardt
Judges 4-5

INTRO: Have you ever seen a discouraged queen bee? They are amazing creatures; they are literally a single parent to hundreds and even thousands of offspring! They have a single brief flight of freedom and then spend the rest of their life inside a hive generating workers, soldiers, harvesters or pollen gatherers. Her whole task is the well being of the hive, to keep it flourishing. Her life is one of consistency, commitment, and contented living! She works without complaint, she never misses a beat, she lives for the hive, and she is the ultimate mother!

Such were the likes of a woman in the Old Testament named Deborah ... whose name in Hebrew literally means, "A BEE." She was like a Queen Bee mother in Israel. Her life and testimony propelled her into leadership in Israel, a rare thing for a woman under the Old Covenant. She became a Judge in Israel, but she was not exercising her own authority over men, she exercised God's authority. She is called in the Bible a prophetess, meaning a woman who spoke God's Word. She is also called a judge, one who settled disputes by God's laws. She is called a wife, the wife of an unknown man named Lappidoth whose name means "torches" in Hebrew. But, she called herself simply "a mother in Israel." Judges 5:7

Like her name, "a bee," she lived a consistent, committed, contented life, thus providing both godly leadership and a godly example that changed an entire generation of Israelites, leading a war torn nation into 40 years of peace!

One Godly woman/man can make a huge difference!! Thank God for Godly individuals!

PROP SENT: One godly woman/man can still make a difference in a nation, especially a nation that has lost its godly ways. Give us godly people today in our nation!

I. "BEEING" CONSISTENT! Judges 4:1-7

A. Conflicts! Judges 4:1-4
1. The life and times of I ...

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