by Dennis Marquardt

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Othniel (1 of 5)
Series: Here Comes The Judges!
Dennis Marquardt
Judges 2:10, 20-3:11

INTRO: An old saying goes like this: "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." So often this is thought of in terms of nations or historically important people who lived many years ago ... but it is also true with our own lives and our short history!

How many of you have trouble keeping up with maintenance around your home or job? Why do we bother with maintenance? BECAUSE, decay and destruction will set in without up-keep!

Spiritual passion cannot just be taken for granted, it needs constant maintenance or we will fall into spiritual decay and this will take a toll on our lives, our families, and our nation!

ILLUS: When men stop worshipping God, they promptly start worshipping man, with disastrous results. -- George Orwell in the Observer (1945), Christianity Today, Vol. 33, no. 15.

(1. Faith that is only historical lacks passion and perspective and results in cold dead orthodoxy!
(2. Faith that is only focused on the present becomes nothing more than existentialism ... whatever feels good for the moment, do it!
(3. Faith that is only future oriented can be fanciful and sensational!

Faith MUST BE ROOTED in all time elements to be healthy, alive, and productive!

One of the lessons of Othniel is that one person with the Spirit of God in his/her life can turn a nation around!

PROP. SENT: The Scriptures teach us that spiritual decay sets in when we neglect an active pursuit of our faith ... faith that is rooted in history, experienced in the present and confident in the future!

I. EXTREME FORGETFULNESS! Judges 2:10, 20-3:6

A. Blindness Judges 2:10
1. When Israel began settling in the Promise Land they became so busy with setting up house and careers they failed to teach their children about God! When they passed from the scene they left behind a new generation that knew nothing about God or what God had done for t ...

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