by Duane Bemis

Shake it Off
Duane Bemis

Shake the Unclean Spirits back into the Fire
So you can walk in God's Miracles


Are you tired of religious people who talk and talk and talk but they have no power? Are you tired that as much as you love God you don't walk in Godly power? Are you tired of powerless churches? Are you ready to walk in the Miracles of God? In this booklet we will look at two main points that hinder the everyday ordinary Christian from walking in divine power and miracles that Jesus did. Not only did Jesus walk in these miracles but also Peter and Paul did the things that Jesus did. Think for a moment and what did Jesus do?

Healed the people of diseases
Delivered people of unclean spirits
He feed the people
He rebuked the people
He blessed the people
He saved the people
He walked on water
He preached
He taught
He laid hands on people
He loved people
He cleansed people

In the Gospel of John we read this:

"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. (John 14:12) NKJV1

Do you believe Jesus said that we are to walk in mighty works of God just as He did? When I read this scripture there was a stirring in my heart to get busy in Kingdom business and to start walking as Jesus did. I decided to step out of the boat as Peter did and take a risk to walk in God's miracles.

I also decided to shake off the unclean spirits back into the fire where they came from and from these two ideas my Christianity was totally transformed from weak and religious to powerful and exciting.

Come with me on this Biblical journey and let the Lord speak to your heart as he did mine.

Are you ready? If you are ready then let us pray:

"Father God, we are desperate and great need for You to touch our hearts, mind, and souls with Your truths. Come and fill our minds with great Biblical understanding of the God kind. You ...

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