by Fred Lowery

Kick Worry to the Curb
Dr. Fred Lowery
January 17, 2010
Matthew 6:31-36; Titus 1:2; 1 John 5:10b; Psalm 50:15; Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:34; Deuteronomy 33:25; Philippians 4:6

Two of the greatest barriers to happiness and spiritual progress are fear; we’ve talked about that for a couple of weeks and fear’s twin sister, worry. And as I look at what’s happening in the world today, I think that the next few years some of our spiritual battles as individuals will be in these two areas, fear and worry. Because we are living in a world where there is a lot to fear and a lot to worry about. But yet the Bible has some strong words about worry. Are we allowed to do it? And what Satan wants to do is he wants to use worry and fear to defeat us. To steal our joy and our inner peace and our strength. So it’s important that we understand what God says about worry. What is worry? The Old English words would be to strange, to choke and you know if you are wrapped up in knots inside, and you are worried about something it almost feels like you are choking. That’s the Old English word. The Greek that’s used most of the time in the New Testament, the Greek word means divided mind. You’re pulled inside, you have a divided mind. A mind that is divided toward a constructive also pulling toward the destructive. The real and the imagined, there is that pulling inside, worry. So the result is that worry is a state of immobilization. It almost paralyzes us sometimes. It is like spinning your wheels but they are you know if you jack up your car and spin the wheels and you’ve got all that motion but it’s not going anywhere. Here’s what happens. Worry focuses on what has happened and what might happen. That’s what worry does. If you’re worrying, you are worrying about what has happened or what might happen. See worry is dealing with the past and the future and it focuses on the unknowable and the uncontrollable. The worry is powerful, it is highly addictive. It’s hig ...

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