by James Merritt

Wholly Holy
James Merritt
I Peter 1:13-16


1. Not long ago a zogby/forbes poll asked respondents this question, ''what would you most like to be known for?'' For being intelligent? Good looking? Having a great sense of humor? The number one response by over fifty percent of the people who answered, gave an unexpected answer. They said they would like a reputation for ''being authentic.'' Think about it. In a world that is full of spin and full of hype, this post-modern generation is looking for reality and authenticity.

2. I was talking to an unbeliever, not too long ago, and i candidly asked him, ''what could a pastor do to make the greatest impact on people like him?'' Without even blinking he said, ''be real.'' In other words, don't be a counterfeit. If you are a child of god, look like a child of god and act like a child of god.

3. [show susan b. Anthony dollar on screen] some of you may remember the days of the susan b. Anthony dollar. It was a dollar in the form of a coin and though everyone thought it would be the latest rage in carrying money, it only lasted for three years. When research was done by the government to figure out why it never caught on here is what they discovered. The dollar looked too much like a quarter and people didn't like all of the confusion. In the public's mind, a dollar needed to look like it was worth a dollar, not twenty-five cents. It reminds me of what yogi bearra said one time, ''a dime is not worth a nickel anymore.''

4. What the world wants for us, god demands from us. He says in no uncertain terms, ''be holy for i am holy.'' God has both called us to be holy and commanded us to be holy. Not every christian has been called to preach. Not every christian has been called to the mission field. Not every christian has been called into vocational ministry, but every christian has been called to be holy.

5. Let's be honest. Far too many church members live as if they were deaf to the call and de ...

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