by James Merritt

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Envision: The Great Commandment
James Merritt
Matthew 22:34-40


1. Envision. Envision a church after god's own heart. Envision a follower of Christ hitting on all eight-cylinders, being everything that god wants him to be, doing everything that god wants him to do, living a life of such passion, such power and such purpose that the people that he or she meets, where they live, where they work, and where they play are eternally impacted. We are convinced that such a church and such a Christ follower do three simple things:
Love god, serve others, and share their story
That is the mission of our church.

2. Just envision a church that is passionately committed to:
Following the great commandment - love god
Fulfill the great commitment - serve others
Finish the great commission - share your story
Envision the impact a church like that could have. Envision the lives that could be positively, permanently, and powerfully changed for all eternity. Envision a church that would bring a smile to the face of god and joy to the heart of god.

3. What would that church look like? What kind of Christ followers would it produce? How would it impact that church's programming and staffing and priorities and methods? That is what we are going to be specifically talking about with you over the next three weeks. If you are a guest of ours today, what we are doing this month is introducing both our mission statement and our strategy for making that mission statement become a practical reality in the life of those who attend here. It is not by accident that all of it begins with the very first step which is to love god. Why is that the first step?

4. It all goes back to a question that was asked of Jesus by a lawyer. From all I can tell I believe it was honestly a sincere question - an honest question. It probably was one of the two greatest questions ever asked of Jesus on this earth. This lawyer also happened to be a Pharisee. A Pharisee was consider ...

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