by Fred Lowery

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Happiness is a Choice (2 of 11)
Series: Are You Happy Now?
Dr. Fred Lowery
August 30, 2009
John 10:10; John 15:11

How are you? Lost some of you didn’t I. Happy and getting happier every day. I heard about the father who told his little boy several times to sit down at the table. He finally said to him sit down or I’ll spank you. And the boy sat down reluctantly and was silently pouting. And then he finally said to his dad, I may be sitting down on the outside but I’m standing up on the inside. And you know that little boy didn’t realize but he was putting out there a principle that regardless of what’s happening on the outside we can choose how to respond on the inside. John 10:10 is our verse for this whole series. Jesus said the thief satan, the devil, comes only to steal our joy and kill, kill our spirits, and destroy, destroy our plans. Jesus said I have come that they may have life and have it to the full overflowing. Abundant, the joyful life. And then in John 15:11 these words, I have told you this so that my joy, Jesus joy, may be in you. Isn’t that wonderful. We can have Jesus joy in us and that your joy, this Jesus joy in you, may be complete. All the joy that you could ever need. What is happiness? How do we define it? Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life. The whole aim of human existence. That’s what Aristotle said, that’s a pretty good definition. So to most people happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Numerous studies out there that show that if people are happy then they are better off in every area of life. Their marriages are better, they make more money, and they can do better on their jobs. Every part of their life, they’re more religious, they’re more prayerful, so that’s why everybody wants to be happy. So what is this thing called happiness. My definition would not be a sentence but just a group of words. I think they will probably put these words up on the screen but these words, pleasure, that’s cer ...

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