by Fred Lowery

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The Love Triangle - Part 1 (3 of 11)
Series: Are You Happy Now?
Dr. Fred Lowery
September 6, 2009
1 John 4:19; Luke 10:27-28; John 3:16; Romans 8:37-39; Romans 5:8

How are you? How many of you lost your smile at one point or another this week? My, all over the building. Did you lose it over little things or big things? You know most of the time its little things isn’t it, that we lose our smile. Lisa Lester of Canada, she is in the Guinness book of Records for the longest smile. Seven hours and thirty two minutes. That’s the official one. The unofficial one she went eight hours and twenty minutes. Looks like all of you could manage a second or two. It takes seventy two muscles to frown. It takes fourteen to smile. So if you’re tired, smile, it’s less work. It also helps in every, every way. You know when I was a boy I used to love to go to the watermelon patch. I loved watermelon. I never would steal watermelons because they are too heavy to run with. I would break them open and eat the heart. Have you ever done that? Just scoop that heart out which is the best part of the watermelon. Well what I am talking about today is the heart, the center, the core of what happiness is all about. And if you don’t get this you are not going to ever be happy. If you miss this, you miss it all. So I want you to listen up and I want you to follow in your guide and let’s see if we can discover what’s the real key to happiness. The root cause of unhappiness is one’s inability to give and receive love. To be loved is to love and to love is to be happy. So what is the master key that unlocks this illusive happiness factor that everybody is searching for? Well if you read the classic self-help books or if you read the new movement that began in 1998 called positive psychology and it’s almost a book a month coming out with positive psychology. If you read those books you’ll discover that happiness is not what happens to you that matters, it’s what happen ...

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