by Fred Lowery

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The Love Triangle - Part 2 (4 of 11)
Series: Are You Happy Now?
Dr. Fred Lowery
September 13, 2009
Isaiah 43:25; 1 John 4:19; 1 John 3:1a; Acts 17:28

Viktor was told by a teacher that he was a dunce and that he probably should just drop out of school and get a job. And that’s what he did. Every day he got up in the morning a dunce, he shaved a dunce, he went to work a dunce, he worked as a dunce, and the end of the week he backed up to the pay window and collected the pay of a dunce. And he did that year after year after year. Until finally at age 31 he had this job, because he had lost every job he had ever had, had a hundred and one different jobs. But at 31 they did a test, an evaluation, his IQ was 161 and the next morning he got up a genius and shaved a genius and went to work a genius and worked like a genius and got a genius pay and became one of the most successful businessmen in America. Wrote several books, the importance of words and self-image. What do you think about, when you look in the mirror what do you think about the person you see in the mirror. Listen to me, what you think about yourself is the most important factor in personal happiness. What you think about you, cause listen to me? There are not enough cars and houses, and bank accounts and job promotions and vacations and thrills and pills to make you happy if you don’t like yourself. So happiness is an inside job. Check it out, when you look in the mirror if you can look in that mirror and smile as that girl did and say I love and accept myself as I am. God loves me then you are taking a huge step toward a happy life. But unfortunately most people believe about happiness that if my circumstances turn out good, if things work out the way I want them to work out maybe then I will be happy. No, no, no, that’s not the way it works. Because research tells us that people are resilient and that whether circumstances are bad or good we adapt pretty quickly to circumstances and ...

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