by Fred Lowery

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Singing In The Rain (7 of 11)
Series: Are You Happy Now?
Dr. Fred Lowery
October 11, 2009
Philippians 4:6; II Corinthians 11:3; Psalm 119:1-3; James 1:2-3

You know we’ve had a lot of rain recently. My almost three year old Sophie and she has a birthday this Friday. So I will be in Austin this Friday, I’ll be back here Sunday but I’ll be in Austin for that big birthday party. Of course yesterday she got the swine flu so hopefully she’ll be through with that by this weekend. But Sophie now almost three she said to her mom, “Momma, this rain is hurting my feelings.” Can you identify with that? Do you feel rained on? Several years ago we had one of these rainy times like we are having now where it just rained and rained and rained. And my wife who is out of town today with her mom over in Mississippi, you know she really likes sunshine and she wants it to be sunshine every day. And she doesn’t handle rain very well and it just kept on raining and kept on raining and kept on raining and so I went in there one day and I said, what are you doing? She had yellow poster board and she was cutting out suns and sun rays and she put them on the window, at the kitchen window and she put them on the refrigerator and she even handed some out to friends because she was determined sunshine in her life. Because there is something about rain. Somebody said into every life rain must fall and that’s an understatement because rain does fall in all of our lives. And sometimes it’s more than just rain. Its flash floods and its wind and lightening and all of those things that make it a choppy for us and that turbulence. The bible says the rain falls on the just and the unjust. In other words adversity is a part of the human condition. Nobody gets a life without turbulence. It’s true for all of us. Now let me say this right up front. We’re talking about how to sing in the rain. The only reason that will keep us from singing in the rain is our failure to trust God a ...

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