by Rex Yancey

God’s Word Is Settled
Rex Yancey
Psalm 119:89

We live in unsettled times. We have a health insurance debate going on in this country. It may pass with 60 votes, but it is far from being settled. We have a Global Warming debate in this country, but it is far from being settled. We have an abortion debate in this country but it is far from being settled. We have wars going on, but they are far from being settled. We have nuclear debates going on around the world, but they are far from being settled. In fact we have a lot more things in this country that are unsettled than settled. We are living in changing times. When I was in grade school, we would recess when a local revival was going on and go to church. We did this at Dumas and Pine Grove. I don’t think you will hear of that happening anymore. In fact if the ACLU knew it they would try to resurrect the dead so they could sue the ones responsible for allowing it to happen.

-Times have always changed. However, I think they are changing faster now than ever.

-Most of us grew up with the American dream; that if we worked hard and applied ourselves we could be successful. But now, there are those who would take away what we have earned to give it to people who did not apply themselves. This philosophy will affect us; but not nearly as much as our children and grandchildren.

-There is shallowness and fickleness about reality today. But remember man’s word is nebulous, transitory, unpredictable, and temporal. Man’s word is unsettled. It is shortsighted. What can I get right now without regard to long term effects?

-Man’s word will lead one into the darkness of philosophy. Man’s word will major on materialistic success. Man’s word will lead one into a false religion.

-One problem we face today is that people are not paying close enough attention to details. God’s Word is eternal.

If God’s Word is the absolute authority, and I believe it is, we had better pay close attention to the details. God ...

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