by David Cook

2010 - Winning Decisions
David Cook
Romans 5:12-21


How many of you have ever made a bad decision? In 1955, Sam Phillips of Memphis, Tennessee sold to RCA Victor Records his exclusive contract for a relatively unknown singer and whose future he wasn’t quite sure. The name...ELVIS PRESLEY!

Former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick was recently released from prison. The Philadelphia Eagles decided they would take a chance with Vick. They believe he is trying to live a new life and are willing to give him the opportunity to turn around his career. Will this be a good decision? Only time will tell. This year he’s done really well.

Is there a key that can unlock the possibility to making great decisions consistently? Yes, there is. Understand that God loves and cares for you. He desires you to look to Him first and when you do, you will find wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Today, we will look at five tests that will serve as a standard in making great decisions.

I. The Inspiration Test - Does this agree with the Bible?

(Romans 5.12-15, Genesis 2.17, Genesis 3.1)

The first thing we should ask ourselves in making decisions is, does it line up with the Word of God? Recall that God gave Adam the right to be the first spiritual leader in all of history. God allowed Adam to have certain resources and relationships - yet Adam failed to place the Word of God first in His decision making.

Instead of listening to God and obeying His clear instruction concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam ate of the forbidden fruit when Eve brought it to him. In doing so, Adam failed in at least two points. He failed in his resource test - he was not a good steward of God’s creation. Adam also failed in his relationship test. Instead of leading Eve to obey God, he allowed Eve to be deceived by the serpent, thus failing in his relationship test.

Dr. John Maxwell states, “Adam’s failure started at home, in just a short time it dama ...

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