by Geralyn McGill

Exact Your Faith
Series: The Culture of the Kingdom
Geralyn Kay McGill
Scripture: Matthew 9:18-26 and Mark 5:21-43

What is your deepest desire today? Imagine the deepest one of your heart; the kind only Jesus can fulfill. Jesus is a Rewarder of faith. He can do anything.
Do you feel thrust out on your own, in a situation no one has an answer to? Perhaps no one has been able to advise you how to obtain deliverance in your situation. It may seem as though there is no earthly remedy--maybe not even money. For some, money would help, but you don't have the kind of money it would take for your need. For others, you have tried the remedies money could buy but to no avail. Others have told you to give up, to accept the things you cannot change--to have common sense. But you refuse to give up, because something has changed the quality of your life too much to give up. You heard Jesus does the kind of thing you need done for you, that He did it for someone else. Someone said He only did it back in the Bible days, but that now all that has ceased. Another person said what you want is impossible. Someone else told you, "Quit your dreaming." So you have been thrust out on your own, quite like the ones who were separated from the synagogue, sometimes from the synagogue community back in the days when they still didn't know Who Jesus was; back when this book of Mark was written. Possibly like the man we will read about today, named Jairus. Not everyone really knows today. You may or may not have a lot of help in the way of folks believing with and praying with you. You might even think you want too much. But somehow you know you have to at least try; at least try. Then, if rejected, at least you will have known for yourself that you tried Jesus. But, my, my! Who will search for faith with you? Who will encourage you to believe? Who will hold you up in prayer? How will you believe against the odds? What stands between you and faith? What are the conditions to faith ...

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