by Geralyn McGill

Plant and Water
Geralyn Kay McGill

Beloved, do you ever wonder what happened to the folks you witnessed to, or the ones you prayed for? Scripture tells us we are laborers together in Christ. Sometimes you are a planter, sometimes you water what has already been planted. Sometimes you reap. The plant is God's. He grants the increase.
Some of you feel that what you do is not enough. There are some who have not yet seen the full culmination of their labor. What has happened to the work you put into building the Kingdom of God? You have witnessed. You have taught. You have given and blessed. You have sowed, but you haven't seen the ones you have sown into become what you had wanted to see them become.
You haven't seen the end. Remember, all are God's. Everything built, is built on Christ, in Christ. He is the Subject, He is the Object of our building. He is the Designer and the design of our building. He is our mindset when we go about our work. He will get the job done. He is faithful to finish the work He began through us. We must have faith in His supernatural power, not only our own efforts.
The truth is, someone planted a word before you; and someone will plant a word after you. Someone will help to add understanding or experience to that word. Someone will sow an act of kindness. Someone will even try to contradict that word, thereby either pushing the seed of the word of God further into the heart, or tearing it out (uprooting it). When the adversary's lies come along to contradict the word of God, one may decide to believe God's report and move away from the contradiction, therefore the word becomes more deeply rooted. When adverse situations, tares, and storms happen, roots grow, implant themselves, more deeply into the ground to withstand the forces that attempt to separate them from their life source. Firm ground is stable and is ready to receive and support you, so trust in the word of God. The lies of the enemy do not support adversity, storms, win ...

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