by Jeff Lynn

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Can You Relate? - How to Relate to One Another (5 of 7)
Series: Good to Great
Jeff Lynn
1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
Preached August 9, 2009


One of the most beautiful and powerful things in a church is relationships.
However, one of the most painful things in a church is relationships.

Much damage has been done not only to the cause of Christ and His Church because of relationships that have gone bad, but damage has been done to people’s walk with Christ because relationships are not functioning in the design in which God intended.

Dallas Willard writes,

“God’s aim in human history is the creation of an inclusive community of loving persons, with himself included as its primary sustainer and most glorious inhabitant.”
Dallas Willard

Let’s face it, that’s what a church is, isn’t it; people in relationship to one another?
In my 9 months as pastor here, I think that’s one of the greatest things about Yorktown; the strength of your relationships and the love that is shown. But as Paul tells these Thessalonians in the text that we’ll read in a few moments, I think we can do better.

A great church has great relationships.

I’m hoping that you will develop relationships with each other that will last years, so that you can enjoy life together even when you’re old.

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So, whether you get together as friends for coffee or prune juice, I’m praying that we will have great relationships.

This morning we are going to see how Paul told these Thessalonian believers to relate to one another, and interestingly ,how that relates to their relationship to non-believers.

TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12


Can you relate?

Can you relate to your church family? Because the bible says a great deal about this in saying how we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ goes a long way I proving that we are actually believers in Christ.

In fact, 44% of the letters of the New Testament are about how we shoul ...

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