by Glenn Mollette

Christmas Still Brings
Glenn Mollette
Matthew 2:18-24

Christmas sometimes brings bills, headaches and additional weight to lose for the next year. Usually it brings too much to do such as parties, putting on decorations, lights, Christmas programs, Christmas cards hussle/bustle, Christmas activities at church and we have to get them all done this month -right? If we don't do them all this month then it seems like we haven't celebrated the month of December. It seems like nothing can wait until January...

1. Christmas always brings a certain amount of Unbelief

For most of us it is very difficult to believe that it is that time of the year. It's time to drag out the tree or buy a tree if you use a live one. It's time to drag out the decorations. It is so hard to believe how time flies so fast.

Christmas is always earmarked by a certain amount of doubt...or possibly disbelief. Here we are again.

There was no way Joseph could believe what he was hearing. Mary...we are getting married. We are engaged. We are committed to each other. I belong to you. You belong to me. We love each other. Mary...we have kept our engagement pure. There is no way that you could be pregnant Mary.

Who was he? Or...who is he? What are you hiding from me Mary? Who is the other man in your life?

Joseph...something strange is going on. I had this visit from this angel. And I was told that I was going to bring God's Son into the world.
"Mary...what do you have in that eggnog? Have you been sick Mary? Are you on some medication that you haven't been telling me about?"

Joseph was obviously awestruck by this news and he had to feel a sense of disbelief by what he was hearing.

2. Christmas Brings Contemplation - Joseph begin to consider how to best handle this news. His girlfriend...his fiancée is pregnant. He knows the child is not his. If anybody would know Joseph would. Mary was a Virgin. He thought...At least this is what he believed. Now...he has ...

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