by Rex Yancey

The Danger of Losing Jesus
Luke 2:41-52
Rex Yancey

Matthew 2 records two separate endeavors to find Jesus. The first endeavor was that of the wise men who searched for Jesus and found him. This is an interesting story as these scientists studied the heavens and knew that something significant had taken place. They followed the star to the manger. They overcame obstacles to bring their gifts to Jesus.

-I like success stories and this is one of them. However, there was another effort made by Herod to find Jesus. He was willing to kill all the boy babies up to a certain age to insure that he killed this rival to his throne. He was always nipping on his heels but he never found him.

There are still people in our world today searching for Jesus. Many of them will not be successful because they search for him for the wrong reasons and in the wrong attitude.

I see a parable of modern day Christianity in our text today. I am not talking about lost people losing Jesus this morning. They have never found him. You can't lose what you haven't found. I am talking about Christian people losing fellowship with Jesus.

Here is the story. Mary and Joseph were traveling in a caravan. They were a full day's walk from Jerusalem before they missed Jesus. Now, if you will put yourself in their place, I think you can imagine their frustration. How could they go off without him? Why was he not where he was supposed to be? Whose fault was it? The questions could go on and on.

-The best parent can go into a large shopping mall and lose a child. It happens. Just a little negligence here and a little preoccupation there and one can lose fellowship with Christ.

One lady purchased something in a store. The sales manager saw her little child and gave her a piece of candy. The mother said to the child, "What do you say?" The child said "Charge it!"

As we approach yet another Christmas season, I want to raise some questions that might help us to see ourselves ...

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