by Glenn Mollette

A Ray for a Dark Day
Glenn Mollette
Psalm 31: 21-24

Psalm 31: 21 - 24.... "Vs. heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help." Vs. 24 be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord."
Luke 24: 21 "But we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel."

Have you ever given up on something? What about a course in school?
Some of you while going to college may have started out in a course and said I'm doing terrible at this course. It's hopeless and you went to the registrar's office and dropped the class.

A friend became discouraged in college. He said he went away to school but at the end of the semester he had four F's. And he said, "I'm hopeless and he dropped out of college." Of course he confessed he squandered his time playing cards, running around and never opened a book.

A relative came back from Vietnam in the sixties and after about only three or four months he and his wife divorced. I don't know to this day what all the problems were. There were family rumors about the marriage...but the bottom line was that my brother felt the marriage was hopeless. And he quit.

My first cousin gave up on life when his wife left he and his daughter to run off with another man. He loved his wife completely. After realizing he could not reconcile the marriage he asked his mom one day, "Mom...if something happens to me. Will you take care of our little girl? Well of course I will," and a few days later he took his life...because he felt hopeless.

Now there are all kinds of scenarios that cause us to have a sense of feeling hopeless.
Sickness, relationship separation, divorce, failure at school, job termination, unreasonable people or unrealistic expectations of ourselves or even others.

Sometimes we have these perceived expectations of other people and then when we cannot convince or manipulate them to fulfill our expectations we are frustrated and we say... "Sigh, it's hopeless." Or, "They are hopel ...

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