by Glenn Mollette

The Power of Good Words
Glenn Mollette

How do you express yourself?
How do you use the tone in your voice?
How do you communicate with body language?

We communicate in some way all the time.
We are constantly sending signals by our facial expressions, countenance and posture.

Sometimes people can be more demonstrative in the way they communicate.

There is the stomping of feet or the raising of the voice or getting in someone's face.

We have all at one time or another seen this kind of behavior.

We remember the termination of Indiana University coach Bobby Knight.

I was very sad about the whole ordeal for Indiana University, Bobby Knight and the game of Basketball in general.

He went on to coach in Texas before his retirement. His record is incredible. The fact that his program in 29 years never received a violation from the NCAA is almost unbelievable. Dean Smith said that every time the media shows Knight throwing that chair across the court that he wished they would also show his record with the NCAA. Here is guy, all these years who has never been cited by the NCAA for any form of cheating. His player graduation rate is at the top among all NCAA schools and his list of credits are endless.

Billy Ray Cassidy played for Adolf Rupp on the 1958 NCAA championship team and coached my high school team. He coached just like Rupp. He screamed at us. He got in our faces. Every half time of the high school game especially if we were playing bad we learned new profanities. We saw Cassidy cuss like a sailor, scream, kick chairs and get in our faces. I was scared of the guy at times There was never a coach and I had several, that I ever worked as hard for or wanted to please any more than Cassidy. But Cassidy had such a good heart. He visited me when I was in the hospital and brought me books to read and he once took me to the optometrist and bought contact lenses for me to wear because he thought I needed them.

Wayman Tisdale who play ...

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