by Rex Yancey

Why Are We a Mission Minded Church?
Rex Yancey
Philippians 4:11-23

Southern Baptists are mission minded. We are a Southern Baptist Church. Our church is a mission minded church. We gave $38.49 cents per capita to Lottie Moon Christmas offering last year. That's pretty good compared to other churches. However, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but that is pretty pitiful in light of how much money we waste on things we really don't need.

-I know I am talking about money again. Have you ever heard a Baptist preacher that didn't? If he didn't, I am not sure he was saved!!! Amen!

Our Lottie Moon Christmas offering goal for international missions is $11,000. Our SBC goal is 175 million dollars. We can reach our goal easily if all our members give $40.00 dollars. The problem is that many members will not give at all. Therefore, the rest of us will have to give more to make up the difference.

-A church without missions is a church without a mission. A church that doesn't care about missions is a mission field. Ministry is for believers. Missions are for unbelievers. Jesus said for us to go into the entire world. He said to go to the ends of the earth. He expects his people to obey his commands.

-That is our mandate. We will not carry out our marching orders unless we are informed, inspired, and motivated.

The pastor asked the WMU director to visit a new Baptist family that moved into the neighborhood. She went and after the visit was over came back to her pastor and said, "She did not even know who Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon were." The pastor said "What did you tell her?" She said, "I told her she needed to read her Bible." She needed to be informed.

-In Philippians 4 Paul commends the Philippians for their faithfulness in supporting his mission work. He praises their consistency and their willingness to sacrifice so others could hear the gospel.

-He could not praise all the churches because all of the churches had not supported him ...

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