by Mark Karris

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Story Catchers and Dwellers, - Storying as Way of Life - 1 of 2
Series: Story Catchers, Dwellers, Weavers and Tellers- Storying as Way of Life
Mark Karris
James 1:19; Colossians 1:9

Story Catchers and Dwellers, - Storying as Way of Life Part 1

My sermon this morning is entitled, "Story Catchers, Dwellers, Weavers, and Tellers: Storying as a Way of Life."
When I was in the Appalachian region as a required trip for my degree from Drew I was captivated by the people's use of stories to carry on tradition, values, history, and their overall way of life. I encountered musicians who did not just write songs but they wrote beautiful stories that captivated you through their music. I remember encountering one young artist who talked about how he could not stand the music from artists like Britney Spears. As he heard a Britney Spears song on the radio he asked himself, "What is the story behind this song and ultimately he had to laugh because there was no story. Britney Spears paid somebody to come up with the song who probably wrote it after taking their pet poodle for a walk. Certainly not much depth or story there.
Throughout my travels in Kentucky and Virginia I was shown beautiful quilts that were made not just for merely the aesthetics but as a way to pass down stories to their families and communities. I remember one quilt in particular that was just stunning and as the maker of the quilt was showing us the design, she began to share the story of how her husband died and how certain squares of the quilt was describing her grief process and her healing journey until where she is today.
On the trip I also had to sit in on a lecture of Appalachian folk medicine by a local botanist. I was already so tired and the thought of sitting in a lecture about plants and medicine just seemed dreadful. But boy was I wrong. This guy had a story about everything. Every herb had a story, every plant had an adventure. I couldn't believe it. I was totally captivate ...

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