by Mark Karris

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Story Weavers and Tellers - Storying as Way of Life - 2 of 2
Series: Story Catchers, Dwellers, Weavers and Tellers- Storying as Way of Life
Mark Karris
2 Corinthians 3:2

Okay, last week we looked at Story Catchers and StoryDwellers. We looked at the blessing of becoming powerful and passionate StoryCatchers (Listeners) as a way to tangibly love and bless people. We also looked at the necessity for us to become StoryDwellers, dwelling in the Story of God not only for our own sakes but for the sake of the world.

1. Story Weavers (Living)
The movie and television industry is at least a 30 billion dollar a year industry and more. Everyday people go out to theatres to watch larger than life adventures, enchanting images and having their ears captured by surround sound. Millions of people daily are glued to television sets from all over the world watching stories, grand adventures, mysteries, thrillers, comedies etc.
But we must ask the following questions: Are we living life vicariously through the characters in the pixel fantasylands? Have we ingested the opiate of pixelland making us passive observers instead of active adventurers? Have we settled for a bit part in a B movie?

God is calling us to become StoryWeavers

We can't always dwell and remain in the house of the Lord. We can't always stay home immersing ourselves in the story of God. As our hearts are enraptured and intertwined with the Story of God we are then called to follow the Spirit and go out and journey, love, connect and live the missionary life God calls all people to live Weaving Spirit filled adventures to the glory of God. What we got out of the reformation was the revelation that we are all priests before God and now God is revealing that we are all missionaries before God. As we are reminded that the first two letters in God spell go.

The longer we dwell, the greater we swell, bursting at the seams by a life and love-giving Spirit that will lead us outward to experiences ...

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