by Mark Karris

Transformative Trust for the New Year
Mark Karris
Mark 9:24, John 16:33

How Do We Form A Deep and Transformative Trust in God

Introduction- Happy New Year Everybody!!! Here we are starting off a new year and we're ready to take it by storm. Right? Perhaps some of us have engaged in our yearly ritual, the ritual of establishing new resolutions or reestablishing the ones from last year or was that the year before. Some of us may have vowed to lose twenty-pounds, to rise an hour earlier in order to exercise, vowed to master a new skill or learn a new language. Maybe we have promised to give up chocolate, or TV or fats or carbs.

Some of those might be valuable things to do in your life and let me suggest to you what is my hope and what I believe is a resolution for us, from the heart of God. It is a resolve to establish a deep and transforming trust in God, the one who has created us and the one who longs for us to know him in deeper and richer ways.

Fallen Condition Focus- There is no question that we are living in trying times. Between economic crisis, world disasters, devastating floods and tsunamis, long drawn out wars, terrorism, and the harsh reality of broken relationships, divorce, and the like. These are days in which what can be shaken, will be shaken in the hearts of human beings. And it is because of these things that God is calling for revolutionary resolutions. Resolutions that will bring us closer to the heart of God and in turn will enable us to live the abundant life that Christ has called us to live and the withstand the tsuanamis of the soul.

Interrogative- The revolutionary resolution that I want to tackle today is:

How do we form a deep and transforming trust in God. I believe this is an important resolution because we live in a time when our trust in God needs to be firm and our roots deep in Him. It is not a reduction in our weight that is going to get us through tough times, it is not going to be picking up an instrument, ...

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