by Mark Karris

Power of Words
Mark Karris
Proverbs 18:21, Hebrews 4:12

Illustration- Shut Up! You're no good! You're lazy! You're stupid! You will never make it! What is wrong with you! Your too old! No one wants you! No one likes you! You can't do it! You're ugly! Get away from me. You're a Homo! Why can't you be more like your brother! I am sorry you were ever born! Why are you not perfect? You're crazy! You're fat! What kind of Christian are you! Give up! God's not with you! You a preacher, Yeah right! Revival, give me a break! You will be stuck in this sin forever!

Fallen Condition Focus- Most of us if not all of us have heard some of these words and messages that were spoken. We have been rejected, degraded, and terrorized by them and for many Christians they are still ingrained in us and torment us even to this day. These words effect our ministries, our relationships with other people and most importantly our relationship with the Almighty and loving God.
There are some people who are immobilized in their ministries because they believe the lie that they are victims and will always be one.
Some people's relationships are affected by hearing the words that they are no good and they are not worth being liked.

There are some people here today whose relationship with God is highly affected for the worst because they believe the lie that God is not good.

''Although many people have heard sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us, those who have suffered from verbal abuse know that words do hurt and can be as damaging as physical blows are to the body. The scars from verbal assaults can last for years. They are psychological scars that leave people unsure of themselves, unable to recognize their true value, their talents and sometimes unable to adapt to life's many challenges.'' (Patricia Evans)
These words and messages can come from our inner selves, other people, the media and culture.

Interrogative- How do we as Christians get r ...

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