by Steve Wagers

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The Lunch: The Source of Sufficiency (2 of 5)
Series: The Things Jesus TOOK!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
John 6: 1-14
October 18. 2009

Sermon Outline
1. How to Embrace God's Will for Our Life!
A) The Personal Pursuit of Finding His Will
B) The Passionate Pursuit of Following His Will
2. How to Encounter God's Work in Our Life!
A) We must Hear Him when He Speaks
B) We must Hand Him what He Seeks
3. How to Experience God's Wonder through Our Life!
A) A Provision that was More than Adequate
B) A Power that that was More than Amazing

In John 6, we find one of the most familiar miracles that Jesus ever performed. It is the miracle commonly referred to as "The Feeding of the 5000." My good friend, evangelist Tom Hayes, calls this "The miracle of the saltines and the sardines." This is the only miracle of the Lord Jesus that is found in all four gospels.

We are considering the subject, "The Things Jesus Took," by looking at various occasions where we are told that our Lord "took" something. Last week we saw how Jesus "took a child" to show the secret of success.

Today, we find in John 6: 11 that:
"Jesus took the loaves."

Last week, He took the lad as the secret of success. Today, He took the lunch as the source of sufficiency. This is a story that demonstrates the sufficiency of our great God, and what He can do with a small lunch once it is put into His hands.

I heard about a Sunday school teacher who was trying to illustrate to her boys and girls the dangers of drinking alcohol. So she filled up two glasses, one with water and one with alcohol. Then she pulled out some earthworms she had dug up and dropped some of them into the water. The worms just swam around that water; and had a great time.

Then she dropped some earthworms into that glass of alcohol and, before long, those earthworms curled up and died. She said, "Now boys and girls, what does this teach us?" One little boy spoke up and said, "I know what it teaches. I ...

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