by Steve Wagers

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The LINEN—The Standard of Sanctification (3 of 5)
Series: The Things Jesus Took!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
John 13: 1-10
October 25. 2009

Sermon Outline
1. ENJOYING SWEET Fellowship with Jesus!
A. It Equips Us for Personal Ministry
B. It Enriches Us with Precious Moments
2. ESTABLISHING SPECIAL Fellowship with Jesus!
A. Required Individually
B. Repeated Incessantly
3. EXTINGUISHING SUDDEN Fellowship with Jesus!
A. The Bold Confession of Sin
B. The Blessed Cleansing of Sin

As we continue our study of "The Things Jesus Took," we come to a most interesting episode in John 13. In John 13: 4, we see that Jesus,
"Took a towel."

In what followed, He taught Peter, and us, that if we are to have fellowship with Him, we must not only have clean hands, and clean hearts; but, clean feet, as well. Thus, for that purpose, in this story, Jesus "took" the linen that outlines the standard for sanctification as it relates to our fellowship with Christ.

I read the other day about a fellow that always fell asleep in Church. His wife asked the preacher what she could do to keep him awake during the services, and the preacher suggested that she take some limburger cheese and hold it under his nose if he started to dose off again.

Sure enough, the next time they went to Church, the old boy nodded off. His wife reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a piece of limburger cheese and put it under his nose. About that time, he yawned and said, "Roll over Ethel; you've got your feet in my face again!"

At the very beginning of this sermon, I want to ask you, are your feet clean? If your feet are not clean, then Jesus teaches us from this story that we cannot enjoy fellowship with Him.
You may be like the fellow whose feet stunk so bad that when he put Odor-Eaters in his shoes he disappeared.

The primary lesson that Jesus is teaching is how to be a servant. The task of washing feet, in those days, was usually assigned to a household ser ...

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