by Rex Yancey

Contented And Thankful
Rex Yancey
Philippians 4:10-13, 19

If we sat down today to write a list of the many things for which we are grateful it would read like this: home, wife, children, health, material possessions, job, work, calling, friends, privilege of being born in America. However, as we think of this list, we discover that anyone could and probably would write such a list. An outright pagan would include most of these same things.

Shouldn't Christians have some things on their list that is unique? There is something about our lives that surpasses all material blessings. The real things in life for which we should be thankful are from God: The forgiveness of sin that I feel, lifting the burden of guilt from my shoulders, the presence tense power of Jesus Christ in my life, the open channel of prayer, and the daily companionship of Jesus Christ.

There are several areas in life where we need to find contentment. I want to discuss those areas now.


There is uneasiness in life until we come to know Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. But once we have the assurance of our salvation, we should rest in the grace of God.

Folks all around me are trying to find
What the heart yearns for by sin undermined
I know the secret, I know where tis found
Only true riches in Jesus abound!

There were cities of refuge in the Old Testament where a person could seek protection until a matter was settled. We have a refuge in Jesus today and we should be thankful and contented in that refuge.

-When I was on the gulf coast, I had some Mormon missionaries come by my house one day. I greeted them at the door and told them that I was a Christian. I proceeded to tell them what that meant to me.

1. Jesus meets the highest demands of my conscience.

I cannot go to bed tonight and think of anyone or anything I had rather have for my salvation than Jesus. I have studied the other reli ...

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