by Franklin Dockery

I Did It My Way
Asa Dockery

1 Peter 2 : 11 - 12, Peter is admonishing us as Christians in this present world to abstain from fleshly lusts. They will cause war against our soul.

How many has gone ahead and done something in your flesh that caused you deep sorrow and pain down the road? The flesh nature can deceive Christians into believing that we are entitled to a flesh fling from time to time but don't buy into that lie because it's a trap of Satan.

Eph. 4 : 26 - 27, We can be angry but we're not to give ourselves over to sin. Paul warns us not to give place to the Devil in our life as believers.

Defiance is very much alive in our flesh nature even though we have received the Spirit of God as Christians. We must overcome the temptation to be defiant to the voice of God or His word lest it opens the door for Satan to torment us.

Gal. 6 : 7 - 8, When believers open their hearts to the lusts of this world it allows an opportunity to come in a later season and afflict us. We reap in a later season what we have sown in a previous season. Corruption: ruin, decay, perish, destroy

1 Peter 2 : 13 - 15, In the same context that Peter instructs us to abstain from lusts he also tells us to be godly examples to those in the world even if they don't receive our witness.

There's a deeper reason why the Lord has Peter write in this manner then just being a witness. By choosing to reject the will of the flesh and be a witness to the world it empowers our heart to live above the power of temptation.

1 John 5 : 3 - 5, As we honor God in our heart this is faith. Faith becomes our victory. That means that the enemy no longer wars against you but your faith. Our faith becomes a shield that quenches the fiery darts of the wicked.

If you constantly war with the lusts of the flesh and find it impossible to keep the word of God then honor God in you ...

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