by Franklin Dockery

The son of Pharaoh's daughter
Asa Dockery

Heb. 11 : 24 - 27, For he endured as seeing Him who is invisible. Do you have an eternal perspective or are you consumed with the pleasures of sin? Moses chose afflictions to be greater riches that to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter.

2 Cor. 4 : 13 - 18, In order to have the glory of God at the end of the age it will require much suffering on our part. The crucifying our carnal will and desires so that God's will and purpose become fulfilled in us and through our lives.

Gen. 3 : 7, Once sin filled the heart of man it was about self and no longer about the Lord. If there's anything that turns the world away from trusting God it's seeing Christians who act just as hateful as the world.

Take a minute and talk to people who aren't saved and don't attend church, they will quickly tell you Christians in their book are hateful and intolerant if they don't get their way. It's easy to have a title but it will cost you to live up to that name.

If you walk by faith it's because you have an eternal perspective. If you live with this in mind you're more willing to suffer so that later you'll be rewarded. People who say they're saved but don't consider eternity refuse to suffer for Christ sake.

Rev. 2 : 8 - 11, The Church of Smyrna had good works and to this Jesus commends them. These works are the results of fearing God more than man. For most Christians that would be enough just to hear from Jesus these positive comments about their faith. It wasn't enough for Jesus.

He was informing them of where they were in their journey with God. You've come this far and suffered but there's more to come. Why does the Lord allow His children to face such great tribulation and even death? For the reward!

1 Peter 4 : 1 - 7, When we choose through our obedience to God to suffer for carrying out His will it keeps us from committing sin. If we say no to suffering for His name sake, we are allowin ...

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