by Dick Onarecker

Things God Cannot Use
Dr. H. Richard Onarecker
Proverbs 6:6-10

Edited by Anita Onarecker

Introduction: In this passage, God calls attention to the ant. A worker, the ant. Notice, He does not refer us to the fox, to learn cunning, nor refer us to chameleons, to learn changing colors - or to placate, or to master deception. No, God calls our attention to the lowly ant. Through observations of ants, God challenges his people to avoid laziness, avoid people who sow discord, and to acquire positive traits to honor Him.

I. Avoid laziness, by being like an ant. The average person finds hard work a bit foreign, and many "average" Christians think work is only for the paid staff. The rewards of slothfulness bring poverty. The Bible says laziness is not a trait or weakness, but that it IS sin. See I Corinthians 15:58.
A. Learn self-discipline. Notice ants have no discernable leader, but each one works, and seems self-disciplined.
B. Pursue diligence. The ant provides for his own needs, and for the needs of other ants on their hill. Observe how the ant begins early, and works constantly. Each one is diligent about his own work, industrious and productive.
C. Stay awake; be alert. Needless sleep stifles the productive day, time which can never be replaced. The man who sleeps his days away is soon poverty stricken. He finds himself in physical and spiritual poverty.
II. Avoid persons who sow dis ...

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