by Dick Onarecker

What Is The Spirit Saying To The Church?
Dr. H. Richard Onarecker
Revelation 2:7

I believe that the Bible teaches something that dramatically affects where we are as a church, with respect to the beginning of that final period of history immediately preceding the visible return of Jesus Christ. I also believe there is a remarkable parallel between the influences working upon, and the attitudes at work within our nation, that will be revealed in a startling manner in the coming November elections - - attitudes that will illustrate the societal atmosphere within which our church must work to carry forth the Gospel. These attitudes and influences are identified in Scripture as those which will be present immediately before the beginning of the tribulation period that precedes the return of Jesus Christ.
I am convinced, along with several notable Bible-believing statisticians and social scientists, that we are a "post-Christian nation." Francis Schaeffer is a much trusted spiritual leader who asks, "where are we? Exactly where Romans 1:21-22 says we are: man has rebelled against God, and God is letting man go on to the natural conclusion, and man believes a life. This is the end; the big lie. Our generation is more ready to believe the big lie than any in the history of western man." Schaeffer goes on to say, "equating of any other loyalty with our loyalty to God is sin. And we had better get our priorities straight now before the pressures in our society overwhelm both us and the society we have known. If the pressures are great now, there is every reason to be sure they will get greater."
Have you noticed what is missing? Have you noticed what has disappeared? Absolutes! They no longer exist. Let's consider the Biblical ramifications of our own nation. America is the only other nation in the history of humanity to be formed under the banner of Jehovah God. The only other nation than Israel. Our laws and guideposts for governing this nation were formed on ...

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