by Keith Krell

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God or Greed? (8 of 12)
Series: Counter-Cultural Christianity
Keith Krell
Matthew 6:19-24

When I was a teenager I was into lifting weights. Over the years, I accumulated a lot of muscle books and magazines. These resources were not cheap, but I got my monies' worth because I read them over and over again. I had a great collection and continually added new editions. After getting married when I was 22, I no longer had the same intense desire to become "buff." (That tells you a bit about my motivation, doesn't it?) We ended up keeping a lot of my personal belongings in our basement storage shed. The box that contained all these books was designated to this storage area. One day as I was preparing for my final semester of seminary, I decided I needed to sell my bodybuilding books because Lori's birthday was a few days away and I needed some cash to buy her a gift. After calling various bookstores in the yellow pages, I decided to take my prized collection to Powell's—the largest used bookstore in the world. After walking into Powell's and placing my box on the counter for evaluation, I went to find Lori a good book on quilting. I found one that I liked for $10.00. As I went to purchase the book, I found out that my collection amounted to either $6.00 cash or $7.25 credit. I couldn't believe it. Every single one of my books cost more than this, and my box was filled to overflowing. Even a professional bodybuilder would have had trouble carrying this box. On two occasions, before signing for my money, I longingly peeked into my box of books. This collection was a part of me, and yet a pittance was all that I could get for it! Needless to say, I humbly took the cash, bought my book, and disappointedly walked out of the store.

On a larger scale, have you purchased a new car, driven it off the lot, and discovered that it depreciated by 33%? Worse yet, have you had someone "key" or rear-end your new car, damaging the showroom appearance? Are you in a situation wh ...

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