by Steve Wagers

Something New Just for You
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Isaiah 43:19
October 4. 2009

1. Precious Memories to Appreciate!
A. Transcend what is Behind us
B. Transform what is Before Us
2. Prospective Mercies to Appropriate!
A. The Failure of a Fallen Man
B. The Nature of a Faithful God
1) No Other Ruler
2) No Other Redeemer
3. Promised Miracles to Anticipate!
A. A Life of Originality
B. A Life of Creativity
C. A Life of Productivity
1) Satisfy Us
2) Glorify Him

A lady had tried just about every diet that was on the market but to no avail. She heard of a new doctor with a new diet plan in town and made an appointment. After a thorough examination the doctor sat behind his desk and while writing a prescription said, "I'm prescribing these special pills for you. Now this is important! I do not want you to swallow them. Just spill them on the floor, bend over and pick them up, one at a time. Do this 3 times a day"

The Italians are famous for their New Year's Eve tradition. As midnight approaches, the streets are clear, there is no traffic, no pedestrians, and no policemen. At the stroke of 12, the windows of the house fly open. To the sound of laughter, music, and fireworks, each member of the family pitches out old crockery, detested ornaments, hated furniture, and a whole catalogue of personal possessions which remind them of something in the past year they determine to wipe out of their minds. It's a night where it's ‘out with the old' and ‘in with the new.'

In Isaiah 43: 19, God promises to do a "new thing." We don't have to wait until the New Year to experience God's "new thing." It's possible for everyday to be a day where God has something new just for you.
Isaiah 40-66—MESSAINIC Chapters
40-48: PURPOSE of Peace
49-57: PRINCE of Peace
58-66: PROGRAM of Peace

Isaiah 42 begins the 1st of 4 "Servant Songs." They describe the Servant hood of the Lord Jesus.
(42): 1st Servant Song: His CHAR ...

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