by Glenn Mollette

Why Did Tim Russert Have To Die?
Glenn Mollette

What about Tim Russert? Talented? extremely. Famous? Nationally and somewhat world renown. Wealthy? In comparison to most of us he was wealthy. Successful? Extremely. Educated? He was a graduate of some of our finest schools. Let's move him up another step. He had a loving father and he loved his dad. He loved his wife and his son. He was known for loving his religion and was religious. He was very respected. Many have said great things about him, but at the age of 58 he died.

Fame, success, beauty, money, great family, education and success guarantees nothing.

You see you can be young, you can be pretty, you can be smart, you can be rich, you can be famous, you can have the best of family and be well respected but all of this and more guarantees nothing.

The bible says, "It is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgment. Hebrews 9.27

Growing up in East, Kentucky we only had one television channel as a child. Today in that same house we have 70 channels via cable. I can never find anything to watch!

What show do you like to watch on Television? You may be a news junky. I watch a lot of news and most of its bad. We hear about the economy, politics, war but there are a number of programs out there we can watch to lighten up a bit.

We live in an age that seeks Fame and Fortune. Wealth and fame is sought by many and the quicker the better. The average young American is growing up with one thing on his or her mind - I Want to be rich and famous.

People will do anything for fame - one show I barely saw told it all. People would tell about everything they had ever done and they did it to be on television and for a few thousand dollars.

I don't' watch that much television but I find it appalling that people will go on television and talk about anything and do anything just for 15 minutes of fame.

All of this guarantees us nothing. If you amass mountains of money, ...

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