by Dennis Marquardt

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The Right Stuff! (3 of 13)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: Book Of Nehemiah
Nehemiah 3:1-32

INTRO: Why do so many government programs fail? The government allocates huge sums of money for many of them ... they often fail from lack of human commitment to the task or from an unmotivated bureaucracy.

ILLUS: It is like the dad who went outside to see what his boys were doing and saw a group of neighborhood boys just meandering around quietly. He finally asked his son what they were doing and the reply was "we are playing war." The father was puzzled and asked why they were so quiet if they were playing "war"? The response was revealing, "Because we are all generals, we can't get anybody to do the fighting!" - Source Unknown

This is often the state of the church of Jesus Christ! We sing, "Onward Christian Soldiers" but no one wants to dig in their heels and fight ... we are more like the crowd of people who watch war on TV and never get involved in the real war on sin!

It is time the saints of God quit watching church and start participating in church! This is no show ... there will be no commercials ... what we are doing is the most serious thing in the world right now! The church cannot succeed without volunteers and workers in the ranks!

PROP. SENT: The Word of God teaches us that if the church has the "right stuff" and by that I mean "workers," God can accomplish incredible feats that will astound the world ... and baffle the enemy! But it will take the whole effort by all the saints!

I. MODELS Neh. 3:1-4

A. Elders Neh. 3:1
1. There was a huge task facing the Jews in Jerusalem ... we are talking about rebuilding a wall and gates that were enormous in size and shape and only a scattered remnant existed in Jerusalem at the time!
a. It was like asking today about 18 to 20 people to buy land and plan on building a church that could seat over 1000!
b. God never has been bothered by small numbers ... as long as they were ready to work!

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