by Dennis Marquardt

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A Talented Christian (9 of 9)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: The "Parables"
Matt. 25:14-30

INTRO: In our culture we often define worth by what we possess: i.e.

a. The place we live
b. The kind of house we live in
c. The kind of car we drive
d. The line of credit we have
e. The clothes we wear
f. The degrees we've earned

In God's kingdom however, we possess nothing of our own, rather our worth is determined not by what we possess, but how we use what God possesses, that which He has entrusted us to use!

ILLUS: Years ago a Sunday school in Philadelphia was overcrowded, much like some of our children's departments today. A little girl was turned away. She began, that day, to save her pennies to help the Sunday school have more room. Two years later, she died. They found a pocketbook by her bed with 57 pennies and a little scrap of paper with a note saying to help the church build a bigger Sunday school.
The pastor of that church, Dr. Russell Conwell, used that note to make a dramatic appeal to his congregation. People's hearts were touched. One realtor gave the church a piece of land. He said he just wanted a down payment of 57 pennies.
The local newspaper picked up the story, and it was carried across the country. The pennies grew, and the results can be seen in Philadelphia today. I've never been to that spot, but I'd like to go see that church. It seats 3,300 people with a large Sunday school department. I'd like to visit Temple University and Good Samaritan Hospital that came about as a result of that initial effort. I'd like to visit the room at Temple University where that little girl's picture is on the wall with the reminder that she gave 57 cents with an amazing result. -- Bob Russell, "Take the Risk," Preaching Today, Tape No. 143.

PROP SENT: Jesus teaches us that stewardship is not an optional choice in His kingdom for those of His kingdom, it is required of His servants who will identify themselves with the Kingdom of ...

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