by Dennis Marquardt

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Oil Shortage Or Oil Glut? (8 of 9)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: The "Parables"
Matthew 25:1-13

INTRO: Many people think the idea that Jesus is coming again is a joke! The idea of an “end of time” seems more like a great movie script to thrill audiences. The reality is that one day everyone in this world is going to face God, Jesus is coming again and there will be a time to give an account for our lives! How many will be caught off guard? None of us know when it will happen, but it will happen!

ILLUS: Story of the man who always slept during church -- one day one of the members decided to teach this man a lesson, he sat down besides him during the service and after the man had fallen asleep he poked him in the side and told him he had just been called on to close the service in prayer by the pastor -- startled, he stood up and prayed, “Lord, thank you for this message we heard and this service, apply it to our hearts as we go...” of course the service had barely started and he embarrassed himself, he had been caught off guard! – Source Unknown

We too in God's kingdom must be alert, He is coming again, let's not be caught off guard!

PROP. SENT: This Parable teaches us to be prepared and ready for Jesus' return whether it is soon or delayed, He is coming again and our lights must be shining when He returns!

I. MARRIAGE (1st Century customs are instructional for Jesus’ teaching)

A. Engagement
1. Settlement was made by father of bride and groom.
2. Our heavenly father has made a settlement between Jesus and His bride the church. (Eph. 5:31-32)
a. In Christ we belong to the Lord, no longer to this world.
b. We cleave to Christ; the church is like the bride of Christ.
c. The image of marriage is used to explain the idea of the church and Christ.
3. Christ's first coming was like an engagement.

B. Betrothal
1. Ceremony was held in the house of the bride's parents.
a. Our parents were Adam & Eve.
b. This earth was their house.
c. Pen ...

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