by Dennis Marquardt

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Forgiven Forgivers! (6 of 9)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: The "Parables"
Matt. 18:21-35

INTRO: Forgiveness is an essential part of any relationship and it is a continual part of all relationships. It is perhaps the most difficult of all things to do!

As a boy I felt a keen sense of the need for forgiveness -- I would ask for forgiveness constantly from God and from my family. (I even hit a parked car one day while riding my bike praying for forgiveness ... later it helped when I realized the Bible said, "watch and pray!" - kept my eyes open after that while riding and praying!)

Too often our "option" minded society has led us down a path that makes us think that the kingdom of God has options in it.

ILLUS: Buying a car: we look for options: color, make, model, stereo, carpet style, etc. So when it comes to God's kingdom we begin to think of what Jesus said as things we can think about and consider as options:
a. Loving
b. Giving
c. Forgiving!
d. Faithfulness
Many Christians "choose" which of these they will obey as they would choose "options" on a vehicle.

PROP. SENT: There can be no relationship with God without being forgiven and without being a forgiver! In God's kingdom forgiving is not an option! -- It is a duty!


A. Debt! Matt. 18:21-25
1. Peter's original question about how many times should he forgive someone was interesting! He tries to look good by suggesting to Jesus up to 7 times!
a. The reason this sounded great was that traditional Rabbinic teaching in Jesus' day was to forgive someone up to 3 times in one day ... and Peter was suggesting they go up to 7 times; more than twice the Rabbi's commands!
b. He must have figured Jesus was really going to pat him on the back for his more than spiritual response!!!
c. Jesus' response must have taken the wind out of Peter's prideful response ... when Jesus said, "not seven times, but seventy-seven times." He did not literally mea ...

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