by Dennis Marquardt

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Mustand and Lots Of Dough! (3 of 9)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: The "Parables"
Matthew 13:31-33

INTRO: Have you ever thought about the importance of small things and their impact in great ways in our lives?

1. The red blood cell
2. Intestinal bacteria f. coli aiding in digestion
3. Termites
4. Grain of sand in an oyster shell becoming a pearl
5. The spark in your engine for power in your car

ILLUS: Not long ago a movie came out called the "Bee Movie." It was a cute film that showed the power and importance of tiny bees. In the movie the "bees" sued humanity for stealing their honey and in getting back all their honey from humans they got lazy and failed to pollinate flowers and make more honey because they had too much. The result was nearly disastrous ... all life on earth was in danger of dying because all plant life nearly stopped from lack of pollination. Near the end the bees rallied and found a few left over flowers and used this pollen to re-pollinate the world's plants again and save the earth. While a little farfetched, the basic concept is true, without the tiny bee all life on earth would probably cease! Tiny bees pollinate many of the plants that create the oxygen, food, and other important ingredients necessary for life as we know it as animals.

Many of things in this life that have a great impact begin by being tiny!

PROP. SENT: These parables teach us that it is God's will for His work to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively ... and growth does occur in a healthy environment.

I. SMALL SEEDS Matt. 13:31-32a

A. Small in Size Matt. 13:32a
1. The mustard seed is hardly noticeable, one of the smallest plant seeds!
a. Hard to believe it could be significant by just its size as a seed!
b. Most would ignore it!
c. Some will reject it because of its smallness; a seed just doesn't seem that attractive!
2. Too many want just the big tree stage!
a. Can't wait for its development from the seed. As proof of th ...

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