by Dennis Marquardt

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Grounding The Gospel! (1 of 9)
Dennis Marquardt
Series: The "Parables"
Matt. 13:1-8; 18-23

INTRO: How well grounded is the Gospel in your life?

Your walk with God is determined by what kind of receiver you are and how prepared you are to let the Gospel establish itself in your life. The Gospel itself is never the issue; it is the quality of the reception and what happens after it is received that is always the determining factor of what quality or what life springs from that Gospel.

ILLUS: My garden has taught me to think ahead. For it to be fruitful, I must plan. I must build soil, plant, and nurture what I have planted. It has also taught me to hold the harvest lightly. Over the course of a season I can lose a crop to spring rains that rot the seed, slugs that eat new shoots, rabbits that eat everything, hail that breaks the strong, and drought that withers the weak. I can lose a crop because of my ignorance or my carelessness. Until I have the fruit in storage, where it can also spoil, I live with uncertainty. I do my best, work faithfully, and hope. -- John Leax in In Season and Out. Christianity Today, Vol. 35, no. 1.

The farmer who plants a field of corn is responsible for what condition the ground is in to receive the seed of corn, as well as the continued care that field of corn gets. The corn will sprout, but the crop will be determined by the ground and how it is readied for the seed.

PROP. SENT: This parable of Jesus teaches us that we are responsible for the way we receive the Gospel, and that how we receive it will determine how well grounded we become in God's Kingdom; how productive our faith is!

I. SOCIAL CHRISTIAN Matt. 13:1-4; 19

A. Convenience Matt. 13:1-4
1. The "way-side" (KJV) ("path" NIV) was part of the landscape too.
a. This was the "hard" ground.
b. This was material so hard that nothing would grow on it.
c. This is part of the landscape of human culture too. There are those that are unreceptive ...

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