by James Merritt

No Small Feat
James Merritt
John 13:1-13


1. The plot is beginning to thicken. The smell of betrayal is in the air. The shadow of death is hanging over the hero and yet he takes a few moments to deal with (of all things) dirt.

2. I recently read a fascinating article on dirt. It was from a medical blog called ''dr. Andy.'' the title of it was ''eat dirt, prevent asthma!'' here is what the article said,

''why have asthma and other allergic diseases gotten so much worse in the last 50 years? No one knows for sure. A leading hypothesis is called the ''hygiene hypothesis'' which states that we are too clean. Initially the idea was that we got fewer infections than we used to before immunizations, antibiotics, antimicrobial soaps, and gels, etc. A new modification of the hypothesis suggests that it isn't lack of exposure to microorganisms that causes infections that is the problem, but lack of exposure to harmless bacteria and fungi, especially of those that live in dirt. Studies clearly show that growing up on a farm is protective against allergies and that the more rural the environment the better. So if you want to avoid asthma and the worst type of allergies the solution is simple - eat dirt.''

3. Jesus had a totally different take on dirt and the scene we are going to study today may be outside of the crucifixion, the single, most amazing picture of the son of god in any of the four gospels. He did something that no other self-respecting Jew or gentile would do unless that person happened to be the lowest rung on the social ladder - a slave. This is what he did. [wash someone's feet] [have someone read John 13:3-5 as pastor washes someone's feet]

4. As you are going to learn, there is far more to this story than washing dirty feet, because Jesus himself said in verse 7,
''Jesus answered and said to him, ''what I do you do not realize now, but you will understand hereafter.'' (John 13:7, NASB)
There is a deeper meaning and a deepe ...

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