by Jerry Branch

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The Benefits of Sound Judgment and Discernment (7 of 13)
Wisdom/Proverbs Series
Gerald D. Branch
Proverbs 3:19-35
July 12, 2009

The Credit card companies tell us there are benefits to membership...but Solomon tells us about some benefits that are so much better that we can get from using God's Wisdom in our lives.

Solomon writes in Verse 21 that we need to preserve or hang onto
sound judgment and discernment.

Too many people suffer from messed up lives because
they fail to use Godly sound judgment.

But far too often their mess ups end up spilling over onto many other people's lives as well...such as family, such as friends, or church...

So their mess ups then end up leaving shattered lives in their wake
because they failed to use Godly sound judgment in the first place,
and instead, rushed off and made decisions based on their ‘faulty wisdom'
or just as bad, the world's wisdom,
But...that's not what God wants...He wants us, and especially Christians,
to stop using bad judgment and instead follow HIS Wisdom...
because when we do, God says,
when we actually "hang onto sound judgment and discernment
and apply it in our lives," then God says that He will bless our lives.

Let's first look at those two key words...Judgment and discernment.

Some translations say, "keep sound wisdom and discretion" others render the text, "competence and discretion".

Regardless of the translation, the idea is this...
God imparts His Divine Wisdom to us through His Word, which if you also recall is Jesus Christ, Who is called the LOGOS also, and Who said of Himself...I am the Wisdom of God in God's Word, out of which we receive His wisdom,
is supposed to go into our hearts, and then
shape our thoughts and our decision making processes...
in other words, God's Wisdom is supposed to become
our "sound judgment" and our "discernment or discretion" in our lives
upon which we make good godly decisions and throu ...

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