by J. Gerald Harris

If I Had but One Sermon to Preach
Dr. Gerald Harris
John 3:16

One of the greatest preachers God ever gave America was Dwight L. Moody. Moody is the founder of Moody Church in Chicago and the Moody Bible Institute. Most of his preaching was in the United States, but he did a considerable amount of preaching in Europe. Many historians credit him with shaking the continent of North America and the continent of Europe closer to God.

In the first half of his ministry, Moody went over to England to preach in some of the larger churches in the nation. He was received with great appreciation. While he was in London he met a young man by the name of Henry Moorhouse. Moorhouse followed Moody around just to learn from him. On the day that Moody was to leave Great Britain to come back to the United States, Moorhouse was there to see him off. And Moody said to Moorhouse in the most casual sort of way-just as a courtesy, ''Well, Henry, if you ever come to the United States and if you ever get to Chicago, come by and see me and I'll let you preach at my church.'' With that comment Moody boarded the ship to sail back to the United States.

In a matter of a few weeks Moody was back in Chicago ministering in his church. Just a few weeks after that, who should show up but Henry Moorhouse. He reminded Moody of his promise to let him preach.

Well, the truth of the matter is that Moody's invitation to Moorhouse was most insincere, but he said, ''Henry, I will preach Sunday morning and I'm going away Sunday afternoon to preach in a Bible conference in another city. You may preach Sunday night.''

Well, Moody boarded a train on Sunday afternoon to go to St. Louis to preach in a Bible conference, and that night Henry Moorhouse preached in Moody's church. When he stood before the people he said, ''I have chosen to preach tonight on John 3:16,'' and he preached a beautiful and powerful message on the love of God. He literally captivated the audience and when the invitation w ...

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