by J. Gerald Harris

Throwing the Dishes Won't Help
J. Gerald Harris
Luke 10:38-42

Two boys were studying the definitions of certain words and they were having a hard time distinguishing between irritation, aggravation and frustration. It was getting on past midnight and on one of the fellows had just not been able to comprehend the difference.

And so his friend said, ''I'm going to give you a demonstration of the difference.'' He picked up the telephone book, picked out a number at random and called that number. On the other end of the line there was a sleepy voice that said, ''Hello.''

The young student said, ''This is Andrew Jameson. I'm calling for George Mitchell. Is he there?''

The party on the other end of the line said, ''I'm sorry. There's no George Mitchell at this residence.''

The student said, ''Now I made that telephone call and I woke up somebody asking for somebody that was not there. And I'm sure the person on the other end of the line was irritated by my phone call.''

That same student picked up the phone again, dialed the same number and the same person answered the phone a second time. And the student said, ''My name is Andrew Jameson. Is George Mitchell there?''

The party on the other end of the line said, ''No. George Mitchell is not here. I told you before he's not here. He's still not here.'' And he hung up the phone.

Then the student said to his friend, ''Now when I called the second time asking for George Mitchell the person on the other end of the line was not just irritated he was aggravated.''

The student picked up the hone again, dialed the same number and said to the same person who answered the phone for the third time, ''Listen, this is George Mitchell. Have there been any calls for me?'' He hung up his phone and said to his friend, ''Now that is frustration.''

Well, have you ever been frustrated? I believe that a look into our text will reveal on frustrated lady. Her name is Martha. She had been laboring over a hot stove ...

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