by J. Gerald Harris

How to Discover the True Riches
Dr. Gerald Harris
Luke 16:9-13

I want to tell you about what may very well be the greatest church in the world. It's not the biggest church the world. But let me tell you about it, and I will let you draw your own conclusions as to its greatness. The church of which I speak is in Chiengmai, Thailand. It is a church of 400 members where every member tithes. They receive a weekly wage of forty stangs (that is less than 20 cents). In addition to the minuscule weekly income, they also receive a certain amount of rice each week as a part of their wages.

Out of this meager existence, each member gives a tenth of his money and a tenth of his rice back to the church every week. Because of this, they have done more for Christ in Thailand than any other church. They pay their pastor. They have sent two missionary families to spread the gospel in a community that is cut off from the outside world. They are intensely interested in all forms of Christian work. They have a ministry to the poor and to the underprivileged. And their gifts for the kind of work is extremely large when compared to their ability. They have not only accepted Christ, but having found Him good. They are making Him known to others. And, by the way, this church where everyone attends; where everyone tithes and where everyone serves, is also a church where everyone is a leper—every person has leprosy.

Now, I don't know what you think about the church in Chienmai, Thailand, but it gets my vote for the greatest church in the world today.

The church in Thailand obviously uses its resources in an effective way to the glory of God. Now, that's basically what Christian stewardship is all about. This morning I'm going to preach a stewardship sermon. And the title of the message is "how to discover true riches." And there are several things that I want us to see in this passage of scripture. The first thing that I want us to notice is

I. The requirement for steward ...

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