by J. Gerald Harris

What Are You Doing Under The Circumstances
Dr. Gerald Harris
Philippians 1:12-21

Have you ever heard anyone say, "Well, I'm doing pretty good under the circumstances."

When someone makes a statement like that I'm tempted to say, "My goodness, what are you doing under the circumstances." You see, I believe circumstances are like the mattress of a bed. You're not supposed to be under-them. You're supposed to be on top of them.

As we shall see in our text for this evening, the apostle Paul had encountered many negative situations. He was confronting great adversity. And yet he was the only one who said, "Now thanks be unto God which always causes us to triumph in Christ and maketh manifest the Savior of his knowledge by us in every place." (2 Cor 2:14)

But the truth of the matter is that we all encounter adverse circumstances. The Bible says in Job 14:1 that "Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble..."

Someone said that the reason many Americans enjoy tv soap operas is because the folks on those shows are the only ones we know who have more problems than we do.

And someone else said, "With man's great ability to think, reason and compute, we can now pinpoint most of our current problems. The problem is that we can't solve them."

We just live in an age of adversity. There are all kinds of circumstances swirling about us and many of them are disturbing and depressing.

Clarance Forsburg tells the story about a preacher who went out to make some house calls in the afternoon. He knocked at one door where no one answered. He kept knocking louder and louder. Finally, there was a tiny voice from within that said, "Come in, come in." He tried the door and found it open and stepped inside the living room. He heard the voice again, "Come in, come in."

He followed the sound down the hallway and entered the kitchen. From inside the kitchen he heard the voice saying, "Come in, come in."

He looked around and found himself face ...

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